Garden Design


Following our initial garden consultation, we will send you a proposal outlining the design elements to be included in the design and the design cost (based on the anticipated hours required to complete the design). This is a fixed fee price based on the design brief (giving you peace of mind that the fees will not change unless the brief dramatically changes).

The next steps:


The concept plan is developed using the client brief and a site survey. A site survey is usually completed on acceptance of the proposal. Based on your brief, we will develop a concept plan with indicative notes on plants and materials. We then work together on the Concept Plan to further refine the ideas and details – and this forms the basis of the final Landscape Master Plan.


On finalising the Concept Design, a master plan is developed, the Master Plan is a much more refined version of the entire garden design and this will form the last draft for final approval.

The final Master Plan will include a detailed planting plan with a complete plant schedule, measurements for set out, materials schedule, design details and notes for constructed elements. If required we also provide an indicative lighting plan, as well as furniture and ornamentation schedules.


Once all the drawings are complete, you will receive digital copies for you to download, this includes documentation needed for construction by yourself or a landscape contractor.


We are independent designers with no construction or maintenance component to our business- this ensures that we are designing only for the client’s needs, and not for what we want to build.

We can recommend professional contractors who are good fit for your project; the contractors we refer are all registered, licensed, insured and members of Landscaping Victoria.

We provide support during construction via phone or email if required.

In addition:

To keep our design costs at a minimum, we provide several services at a set fee following design completion.

CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT – on site construction support during building works.

MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE – a full maintenance schedule will guide you to keep your garden looking its best in the years to come.

PLANT SOURCING – set fee plant sourcing service based on the quantity of plants to be supplied.

PLANT PLACEMENT – on site plant placement following delivery of your plants.

All POA.



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